Recent aeromagnetic and deep electromagnetic exploration projects in East Antarctica

Airborne geophysical surveys play a pivotal role in imaging subglacial geology and characterizing broad areas of the Antarctic liothsphere. Ground-based geophysics, coupled with airborne geophysics and geology, is essential to further elucidate crustal structure and tectonics. Recent Italian exploration projects have focused on three major tectonic elements over East Antarctica: i) The Transantarctic Mountains, ii) the Wilkes Subglacial Basin, and iii) the Early Palaeozoic terranes of northern Victoria Land. We review the main goals of four recent exploration projects performed between 1999-00 and the latest 2003-4 campaigns over this part of East Antarctica. Finally, we present our future collaborative effort (2005-06) aimed at providing further insight into the poorly known, yet highly controversial, Wilkes Subglacial Basin.


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Authors: Armadillo, E., Bozzo, E., Caneva, G., Ferraccioli, F. ORCIDORCID record for F. Ferraccioli, Tabellario, G.

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1 January, 2006
Terra Antartica Reports / 12