Rapid procedure for the isolation and analysis of fatty acid and fatty alcohol fractions from wax esters of marine zooplankton

A rapid and simple method for the isolation of fatty acid methyl esters and fatty alcohols from the lipid fraction of marine zooplankton is described. Wax esters are the dominant lipid class in most calanoid copepods and trans-esterification results in a high fatty alcohol content in the analytical extract. Current procedures for the separation and purification of lipid classes by preparative thin-layer chromatography are time-consuming and are subject to low recovery of the analytes. In this method, fatty acid methyl esters and fatty alcohols were separated by liquid chromatography using silica or honded amino-silica as the stationary phase. The procedure is equally applicable to the analysis of zooplankton with low wax ester (and hence fatty alcohol) content, for example, a number of species of euphausiid and, generally, for samples of low mass.


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Authors: Cripp, G.C., Tarling, G.A. ORCIDORCID record for G.A. Tarling

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1 January, 1997
Journal of Chromatography A / 760
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