Preliminary lithofacies assessment and 40Ar/39Ar ages of Cenozoic volcanic sequences in eastern Marie Byrd Land

Because of its remoteness, Marie Byrd Land is among the most inaccessible and least visited parts of Antarctica. However, it contains a very poorly studied, large Cenozoic alkaline volcanic province and an outstanding record of volcanism coeval with glaciation (LeMasurier & Thomson 1990). This short note describes the results of the second of two planned periods of fieldwork, which form part of the West Antarctic Volcano Exploration (WAVE) project. The background to WAVE and preliminary results of the 1989–1990 fieldwork are described in Smellie et al. (1990) and McIntosh et al. (1990). The studies described here took place between 2 November 1990 and 11 January 1991.


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Authors: Smellie, J.L., Mcintosh, W.C., Gamble, J.A., Panter, K.S., Kyle, P.R., Dunbar, N.W.

1 March, 1993
Antarctic Science / 5
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