Plasma waves and wave—particle interactions seen at the UKS spacecraft during the AMPTE artificial comet experiment

Wave and particle correlator experiments on board the UKS revealed a wide range of plasma wave and wave-particle interactions associated with the 27 December 1984 artificial comet release just outside the main diamagnetic cavity. Shortly after the release strong bursts of plasma waves were recorded, and high-frequency electron oscillations in an enhanced-density plasma were observed later, along with evidence for interaction between a beam of electrons and the local plasma. At lower frequencies, extremely strong wave emissions were associated with what appeared to be the interface between the cloud and solar-wind plasmas.


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Authors: Woolliscroft, L.J.C., Gough, M.P., Christiansen, P.J., Darbyshire, A.G., Gough, H.G.F., Hall, D.S., Jones, D., Jones, S.R., Norris, A.J.

1 January, 1986
Nature / 320
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