Pb, Nd, and Sr isotope mapping of Grenville‐age crustal provinces in Rodinia

New Pb, Nd, and Sr isotope data are presented for geochemically similar, ∼1.1–1.2 Ga, granitoids and tonalitic‐granitic orthogneisses from Antarctica, southern Africa, and the Falkland Islands and adjoining plateau, areas originally within the supercontinents of Rodinia and Gondwana. These data support contentions for the presence of a Mesoproterozoic (∼1.2 Ga) destructive plate margin running from Namaqua‐Natal (southern Africa), through the displaced microplates of the Falkland Plateau and Falkland Islands, the Haag Nunatak crustal block (West Antarctica) and into western Dronning Maud Land (East Antarctica). The bulk of these granitoids represent juvenile Mesoproterozoic additions to the crust, except for in parts of East Antarctica (i.e., the Sverdrupfjella) where older (Paleoproterozoic or Archean) crust was involved in granitoid generation. Our isotope data permit plate reconstructions in which southern Africa, East Antarctica, and the Falkland Islands and plateau were adjacent within Rodinia.


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Authors: Wareham, C. D., Pankhurst, R. J., Thomas, R. J., Storey, B. C., Grantham, G. H., Jacobs, J., Eglington, B. M.

1 January, 1998
The Journal of Geology / 106
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