Past4Future: European interdisciplinary research on past warm climate periods.

Past4Future was a Collaborative Project in the European Union’s Framework Programme 7; it aimed to generate knowledge about climate changes during the last two interglacials. The approach was to combine proxy data with climate model simulations to investigate the existence and the cause of past abrupt climate changes during warm climate periods in order to evaluate the risk of abrupt changes in the future. Featuring contributions from a number of Past4Future participants, this Science Highlights section of PAGES Magazine showcases the cross-disciplinary nature of this very successful project that ended in December 2014.


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Authors: Dahl-Jensen, D., Capron, E. ORCIDORCID record for E. Capron, Vallelonga, P., Roche, D.M.

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1 January, 2015
Past Global Changes Magazine / 23
1pp / 3-3
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