Particle Acceleration in the Presence of Weak Turbulence at an X-Type Neutral Point

We simulate the likely noisy situation near a reconnection region by superposing many 2D linear reconnection eigenmodes. The superposition of modes on the steady state X-type magnetic field creates multiple X- and O-type neutral points close to the original neutral point and so increases the size of the non-adiabatic region. We study test particle trajectories of initially thermal protons in these fields. Protons become trapped in this region and are accelerated by the turbulent electric field to energies up to 1 MeV in time scales relevant to solar flares. Higher energies are achieved due to the interaction of particles with increasingly turbulent electric and magnetic fields.


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Authors: Burge, C. A., Petkaki, P., MacKinnon, A. L.

1 January, 2012
Solar Physics / 280
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