Oxygen Uptake by Cryptopygus antarcticus (Collembola) at South Georgia

Determinations of oxygen uptake of size classes I, II, III and IV of the collembolan Cryptopygus antarcticus Willem at +5°, +10° and +20°C were made at South Georgia, sub-Antarctic. The relation of respiration rate to live weight was similar at the three temperatures. Oxygen uptake increased with temperature within the range examined ( Q10 varying from 1.58 to 2.63). Comparison of South Georgia and Signy Island (Antarctic) data for C. antarcticus showed similarities between respiration - weight and respiration - temperature curves especially for the +5° to +10°C temperature range. No significant difference in respiration rate was detected between sexes from both locations, but a difference in body size was observed both between sexes, and between sites. The South Georgian specimens were smaller, lighter in weight and appeared to be sexually mature at a smaller size than those at Signy Island. The similarity of metabolism and the body size difference of C. antarcticus in the two populations are discussed.


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Authors: Block, William, Tilbrook, P.J.

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1 January, 1978
Oikos / 30
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