Oxygen consumption of the terrestrial mite Aaskozetes antarcticus (Acari: Cryptostigmata)

Analysis of 148 measurements of individual respiration rate showed that although respiration was linearly related to live weight on a double log10 scale, there were significant differences between rates at 0°, + 50° and +10 °C. Proto- and deutonymphal metabolic rates were higher than other stages, especially at +10 °C. Q10 values ranged from 2.07 to 3.83 over 0° to +10 °C. Equations relating individual respiratory rate to live weight and temperature for A. antarcticus, and metabolic rate to temperature for 10 species of Antarctic terrestrial invertebrates were developed. Comparison with temperate data indicated considerable cold adaptation in the Antarctic species with 3–5 times increased metabolism. It was calculated that 78–82 % of the energy assimilated may be used in respiration by A. antarcticus.


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Authors: Block, William

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1 January, 1977
Journal of Experimental Biology / 68