Oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) of the maritime Antarctic and Antarctic Peninsula

Eleven species of oribatid mites are reported from 26 maritime Antarctic islands. The oribatid faunas of Fredriksen, Atriceps (South Orkney Is.), Cockburn, Seymour, Vega, Brabant, Adelaide, Lagoon, Léonie, Horseshoe, Alexander Islands and Peter I Øy were studied for the first time. Austroppia crozetensis (Richters, 1908) and Magellozetes processus Hammer, 1962 are first records for the Antarctic Region. Halozetes belgicae longiseta Wallwork, 1967 is a new record for the South Orkney Is., Edwardzetes dentifer Hammer, 1962, is new for the South Shetland Is., Magellozetes processus Hammer, 1962 is new for Graham Land whilst Globoppia loxolineata longipilosa Covarrubias, 1968 and Magellozetes antarcticus (Michael, 1895) are new records for Palmer Land. The distribution patterns of the 11 species of oribatid mites are figured and their zoogeographical relationships are discussed.


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Authors: Block, W., Starý, J.

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1 July, 1996
Journal of Natural History / 30
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