Onset and development of the Drake Passage and Scotia Sea gateways and its influence on global ocean circulation and climate (IODP proposal)

The DRAKE-SCOTIA SEA GATEWAYS is a new multidisciplinary International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) drilling proposal aimed at determining the time of opening and pattern of development of gateways in the Drake Passage and the adjacent Scotia Sea, and their influence on global ocean circulation, biotic evolution and climate. The Drake Passage with the adjacent Scotia Sea represent one of Earth’s most important oceanic gateways, between the southern tip of South America and the Antarctic Peninsula, a crucial area for water mass exchange between the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Weddell Sea, the importance of which is evidence by in many multinational studies. Nevertheless, the region has not been yet drilled for scientific purposes. The objective of this work is to present the main scientific goals of this drilling proposal and its link with the IODP Science Plan for 2013-2023


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Authors: Hernandez-Molina, F.J., Larter, R.D. ORCIDORCID record for R.D. Larter, Thomas, E., Perez, L.F., Eagles, G., Bohoyo, F., Lodolo, E., Chuang Xuan, X., Dalziel, I.W.D., Stow, D.A.V., Escutia, C., Biddle, J., Sijp, W., Harwood, D., Tassone, D.A.

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1 January, 2016
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