On the Nusselt number for frazil ice growth – a correction to “Frazil evolution in channels” by Lars Hammar and Hung-Tao Shen.

The growth (melt) rate of frazil ice is governed by heat transfer away from (towards) the ice crystal, which can be represented by the Nusselt number. We discuss choices for the Nusselt number and turbulent length scale appropriate for frazil ice and note an inaccuracy in the study “Frazil evolution in channels” by Lars Hammar and Hung-Tao Shen, which has also led to potentially significant errors in several other papers. We correct this error and suggest an appropriate strategy for determining the Nusselt number applicable to frazil ice growth and melting.


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Authors: Holland, Paul R. ORCIDORCID record for Paul R. Holland, Feltham, Daniel L., Daly, Steven F.

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1 January, 2007
Journal of Hydraulic Research / 45