Observations of coincident EMIC wave activity and dusk-side energetic electron precipitation on 18-19 January 2013

Electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves have been suggested to be a cause of radiation belt electron loss to the atmosphere. Here simultaneous, magnetically conjugate measurements are presented of EMIC wave activity, measured at geosynchronous orbit and on the ground, and energetic electron precipitation, seen by the BARREL balloon campaign, on two consecutive days in January 2013. Multiple bursts of precipitation were observed on the dusk-side of the magnetosphere at the end of 18 Jan and again late on 19 Jan, concurrent with particle injections, substorm activity, and enhanced magnetospheric convection. The structure, timing, and spatial extent of the waves are compared to those of the precipitation during both days to determine when and where EMIC waves cause radiation belt electron precipitation. The conjugate measurements presented here provide observational support of the theoretical picture of dusk-side interaction of EMIC waves and MeV electrons leading to radiation belt loss.


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Authors: Blum, L. W., Halford, A., Millan, R., Bonnell, J. W., Goldstein, J., Usanova, M., Engebretson, M., Ohnsted, M., Reeves, G., Singer, H., Clilverd, M. ORCIDORCID record for M. Clilverd, Li, X.

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28 July, 2015
Geophysical Research Letters / 42
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