Numerical and statistical evidence for long-range ducted gravity wave propagation over Halley, Antarctica

Abundant short‒period, small‒scale gravity waves have been identified in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere over Halley, Antarctica, via ground‒based airglow image data. Although many are observed as freely propagating at the heights of the airglow layers, new results under modeled conditions reveal that a significant fraction of these waves may be subject to reflections at altitudes above and below. The waves may at times be trapped within broad thermal ducts, spanning from the tropopause or stratopause to the base of the thermosphere (∼140 km), which may facilitate long‒range propagation (∼1000s of km) under favorable wind conditions.


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Authors: Snively, J. B., Nielsen, K., Hickey, M. P., Heale, C. J., Taylor, M. J., Moffat-Griffin, T. ORCIDORCID record for T. Moffat-Griffin

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20 September, 2013
Geophysical Research Letters / 40
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