Nitrous oxide variability at sub-kilometre resolution in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean

The Southern Ocean is an important region for global nitrous oxide (N2O) cycling. The contribution of different source and sink mechanisms is, however, not very well constrained due to a scarcity of seawater data ... //... different environments and biogeochemical settings, N2O saturations and sea-to-air fluxes were highly variable: Saturations ranged from 96.5% at the sea ice edge in the Weddell Sea to 126.1% across the Polar Frontal ... ... produced during hydroxylamine or nitric oxide oxidation (Ward, 2008 and references therein). Only recently both steps of nitrification, ammonia oxidation and nitrite oxidation, have been observed in one organism (Daims


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Authors: Grefe, Imke, Fielding, Sophie ORCIDORCID record for Sophie Fielding, Heywood, Karen J., Kaiser, Jan

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6 July, 2018
PeerJ / 6
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