New records of shelled marine molluscs at Bouvet Island and preliminary assessment of their biogeographic affinities

Bouvet Island is one of the most isolated islands in the Southern Ocean and its marine benthic fauna has rarely been investigated and so is poorly known. This study adds 30 molluscan species to the previous faunal record of 16 species. During the expedition ANT XXI-2 of PFS Polarstern 25 species of shelled gastropods, 12 species of bivalves, 3 species of polyplacophorans and 1 species of solenogaster (Aplacophora) were collected at four sites around Bouvet Island in depths between 120 m and 550 m. High percentages of the species representing the shelled molluscan fauna of Bouvet Island are known from sub and high (continental) Antarctica.


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1 January, 2006
Polar Biology / 29
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