New records of dimitobelid belemnites from the Cretaceous of James Ross Island, Antarctica

References  Citations Metrics  Reprints & Permissions  PDF Abstract Five species of dimitobelid belemnites are described from the Cretaceous of James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula. Dimitobelus (Dimitobelus) stimulus Whitehouse is recorded with D. (Dimitobelus) cf. superstes (Hector), from Albian strata of the Gustav Group. D. (Dimitobelus) cf. ongleyi Stevens is recorded with Dimitobelus (Dimitocamax) cramensis sp. nov. and D. (Dimitocamax) cf. seymouriensis Doyle from the ?Santonian-Campanian Santa Marta Formation (Marambio Group). D. (Dimitobelus) superstes and D. (Dimitobelus) ongleyi were previously thought to have been restricted to New Zealand. The new records show that these species had a circum Gondwanan distribution extending into Antarctica and Australia. No other elements of the Antarctic-Australian dimitobelid fauna are known in New Zealand. In the Campanian, the Dimitobelidae became restricted to the Weddellian Province in Antarctica-New Zealand.


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Authors: Doyle, Peter

1 January, 1990
Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology / 14
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