New records of Acari from the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands

Sixty species of Acari are recorded from the sub-Antarctic Marion and Prince Edward Islands (the Prince Edward archipelago). Twenty of the 45 species collected on recent expeditions are new and currently undescribed. Other new taxa include a family of Mesostigmata, four new genera, and the first sub-Antarctic records of Cillibidae (Mesostigmata) and Eryngiopus (Prostigmata). Fifteen of the 31 species previously reported from the islands are confirmed, although eight of the previous accounts remain doubtful. The fauna, which shows a distinction between the shoreline and terrestrial components, comprises endemic, South Indian Ocean Province and sub-Antarctic mite species.


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Authors: Marshall, D. J., Gremmen, N. J. M., Coetzee, L., O'Connor, B. M., Pugh, P. J. A., Theron, P. D., Ueckermann, E. A.

1 January, 1999
Polar Biology / 21
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