Navigating Gender at Sea

Fieldwork, including work done at sea, is a key component of many geoscientists' careers. Recent studies have highlighted the pervasive harassment faced by women and LGBTQ+ people during fieldwork. However, transgender and gender diverse (TGD) scientists face obstacles which have not yet been thoroughly examined. We fill this gap by sharing our experiences as TGD people. We have experienced sexual harassment, misconduct, privacy issues, and legal and medical struggles as we conduct seagoing work. In this work, we provide recommendations for individuals, cruise leaders, and institutions for making seagoing work safer for our communities.


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Authors: McMonigal, Kay, Evans, Natalya, Jones, Dani ORCIDORCID record for Dani Jones, Brett, Jay, James, Reece C., Arroyo, Mar C., Gong, A-bel Y., Miller, Elizabeth C., Kelly, Colette, Middleton, Jule, Spear, Chris, Holmes, Wil, Lane, Dakota

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1 August, 2023
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