Mountain rescue casualty care and the undergraduate medical elective

Many UK medical curricula lack dedicated prehospital education other than first aid courses and basic life support training. In contrast, nonmedical mountain rescue team members receive advanced prehospital training addressing scene management and various clinical interventions. This article reports a condensed mountain rescue casualty care course designed for medical students by a mountain rescue team. The course was offered as part of a student-selected module during phase 3A at the University of Sheffield Medical School. Within the module, students also learned the relevant biomedical sciences and clinical skills to construct their knowledge of mountain rescue casualty care.


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Authors: Larsen, J., Blagnys, H., Cooper, B., Press, C., Sambridge, N., Livesey, M., Watt, C., Allewell, C., Chapman, N.

1 June, 2019
Wilderness & Environmental Medicine / 30
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