Modelling multivariate determinants of growth in Antarctic bryozoans

Bryozoans seem fairly typical amongst Antarctic benthos, in both timing and magnitude of growth. Growth varies interspecifically from nearly comparable to much slower than warm water equivalent species. Factors including species identity, age, year, competition, substratum stability and locality have been suggested as influential. We analysed 5000 colonies of three of the most ubiquitous cheilostomatids in shallow Antarctic waters, celleporella bougainvillei, Fenestrulina and Inversiula nutrix.


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Authors: Barnes, David K. A. ORCIDORCID record for David K. A. Barnes, De Grave, Sammy

Editors: Jackson, P.N.W., Buttler, C., Jones, M.E.S.

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1 January, 2002
In: Jackson, P.N.W., Buttler, C., Jones, M.E.S. (eds.). Bryozoan studies 2001. Proceedings of the twelfth International Bryozoological Association Conference, Dublin, July 2001 (2002, Lisse : Balkema, 2002, A A Balkema Publishers, 7-17.