Metabolic adaptations of antarctic terrestrial micro-arthropods

1. 1. Comparative analyses of standard metabolism, as measured by weight specific oxygen consumption, for Antarctic and temperate terrestrial Acari show that polar forms of the Cryptostigmata and Mesostigmata exhibit an elevation of metabolism of 2–4 times over their normal environmental temperature range. 2. 2. Metabolism-temperature curves of polar and temperate forms are similar for both groups of mites. 3. 3. Q10 values for Antarctic mites vary from 1.28 to 3.36, which correspond to the lower portion of the range for temperate species. 4. 4. The elevation of metabolism as a feature of cold adapted poikilotherms is reviewed and discussed. 5. 5. Present evidence suggests that Antarctic terrestrial mites adapt to their low temperature environment by an elevation of standard metabolism.


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Authors: Block, William, Young, S.R

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1 January, 1978
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Physiology / 61
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