Malcolm Roy Clarke, FRS

Malcolm Roy Clarke, FRS (1930–2013) made lasting contributions to cephalopod biology through his productive research programme, his commitment to furthering cephalopod biology and his congenial spirit. His professional legacy includes many important contributions. He wrote over 150 scientific papers, book chapters and other scholarly works, including, the Discovery Report on the role of cephalopods in the diet of sperm whales in the Southern Hemisphere, he edited A handbook for the identification of cephalopod beaks, which made the study of trophic interactions more accessible, and with colleagues he developed and instituted the Cephalopod International Advisory Council to provide advice on cephalopods and a framework for international meetings. His impact on marine science was broad and longstanding.


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Authors: Rodhouse, Paul G.K., Lu, Chung-Cheng, Roper, Clyde F.E.

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1 August, 2015
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom / 95
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