Making data a first class scientific output : data citation and publication by NERC’s Environmental Data Centres

The NERC Science Information Strategy Data Citation and Publication project aims to develop and formalise a method for formally citing and publishing the datasets stored in its environmental data centres. It is believed that this will act as an incentive for scientists, who often invest a great deal of effort in creating datasets, to submit their data to a suitable data repository where it can properly be archived and curated. Data citation and publication will also provide a mechanism for data producers to receive credit for their work, thereby encouraging them to share their data more freely.


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Authors: Callaghan, Sarah, Donegan, Steve, Pepler, Sam, Thorley, Mark, Cunningham, Nathan, Kirsch, Peter ORCIDORCID record for Peter Kirsch, Ault, Linda, Bell, Patrick, Bowie, Rod, Leadbetter, Adam, Lowry, Roy, Moncoiffe, Gwen, Harrison, Kate, Smith-Haddon, Ben, Weatherby, Anita, Wright, Dan

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1 January, 2012
International Journal of Digital Curation / 7
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