Magnetopause motions in a Newton-Busemann approach

The buffetting of the magnetosphere by the solar wind is the cause of many phenomena in the magnetosphere and the ionosphere, and affects the way in which we observe many other features. Examples of magnetospheric phenomena caused, wholly or in part, by solar wind pressure variations include cavity and field-line resonances (e.g., [1], [2]), travelling convection vortices [3], ring current particle diffusion [4], quasi-periodic emissions [5], and possibly substorm onsets (e.g., [6]; but see [7]) and magnetopause reconnection [8]. Examples of the way in which solar wind pressure variations affect the way we observe and interpret magnetospheric features include the structure of the magnetopause boundary layer [9] and possibly some FTE identifications [10], and similarly the structure of the magnetotail.


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1 January, 1998
NATO ASI Series. Series C: Mathermatical and physical sciences / 509
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