Late Miocene wood recovered in Bengal–Nicobar submarine fan sediments by IODP Expedition 362

Drilling and coring during IODP Expedition 362 in the eastern Indian Ocean encountered probably the largest wood fragment ever recovered in scientific ocean drilling. The wood is Late Miocene in age and buried beneath ∼800 m of siliciclastic mud and sand of the Bengal–Nicobar Fan. The wood is well preserved. Possible origins include the hinterland to the north, with sediment transported as part of the submarine fan sedimentary processes, or the Sunda subduction zone to the east, potentially as a megathrust tsunami deposit.


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Authors: McNeill, Lisa, Dugan, Brandon, Petronotis, Katerina, Milliken, Kitty, Francis, Jane, 362 Scientists, the Expedition

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27 May, 2020
Scientific Drilling / 27
4pp / 49-52
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