Jovian 1.2-kHz nonthermal continuum radiation

Nonthermal continuum is observed at 1.2 kHz on Voyagers 1 and 2 within the Jovian magnetosphere. It is seen in the magnetospheric cavity on both the dayside and nightside, being most intense in the magnetotail lobes when Voyagers were above the plasma sheet. In these regions the radiation was distinctly left‐hand polarized. The observations are considered within the context of other plasma waves reported to exist in the Jovian magnetosphere and of analogous emissions observed at earth. Drawing in particular from our knowledge of continuum source regions within the terrestrial magnetosphere, it is suggested that the most likely main source of the 1.2‐kHz Jovian continuum is the morning/prenoon magnetopause.


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Authors: Leblanc, Yolande, Jones, Dyfrig, Rucker, Helmut O.

1 September, 1986
Journal of Geophysical Research / 91
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