Ionospheric boundaries derived from auroral images

This paper presents updated methods for locating the Poleward and Equatorward Auroral Luminosity Boundaries (PALB and EALB) directly from IMAGE Far UltraViolet (FUV) images of the Northern Hemisphere auroral oval. Separate boundaries are determined from images measured at different FUV wavelengths. In addition, new methods for indirectly estimating the Open-Closed magnetic field line Boundary (OCB) and the Equatorward Precipitation Boundary (EPB) locations are presented; these new boundaries are derived from a combination of the auroral luminosity boundary estimates with statistical latitudinal offsets derived from comparisons with low-altitude spacecraft Particle Precipitation Boundaries (PPBs). Subsequently, we derive new circle model fits for all these boundary data sets, as well as new quality control criteria for these model fits. The suitability of circle fits for each of the data sets is discussed, and the OCB and PALB circle fits are validated against the Convection Reversal Boundary (CRB), as measured by low-altitude in situ spacecraft. All the new boundary data sets, covering the epoch May 2000 to October 2002, are freely available online.


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Authors: Chisham, G. ORCIDORCID record for G. Chisham, Burrell, A.G., Thomas, E.G., Chen, Y.-J.

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1 July, 2022
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics / 127
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