Individual consistency in migration strategies of a tropical seabird, the Round Island petrel

In migratory species, the extent of within- and between-individual variation in migratory strategies can influence potential rates and directions of responses to environmental changes. Quantifying this variation requires tracking of many individuals on repeated migratory journeys. At temperate and higher latitudes, low levels of within-individual variation in migratory behaviours are common and may reflect repeated use of predictable resources in these seasonally-structured environments. However, variation in migratory behaviours in the tropics, where seasonal predictability of food resources can be weaker, remains largely unknown.


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Authors: Franklin, Kirsty A., Norris, Ken, Gill, Jennifer A., Ratcliffe, Norman ORCIDORCID record for Norman Ratcliffe, Bonnet-Lebrun, Anne-Sophie, Butler, Simon J., Cole, Nik C., Jones, Carl G., Lisovski, Simeon, Ruhomaun, Kevin, Tatayah, Vikash, Nicoll, Malcolm A. C.

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14 March, 2022
Movement Ecology / 10
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