Improvements to the accuracy of measurements of NO2 by zenith-sky visible spectrometers. II: Errors in zero using a more complete chemical model

Using a flexible chemical box model with full heterogeneous chemistry, intercepts of chemically modified Langley plots have been computed for the 5 years of zenith-sky NO2 data from Faraday in Antarctica (65°S). By using these intercepts as the effective amount in the reference spectrum, drifts in zero of total vertical NO2 were much reduced. The error in zero of total NO2 is plus/minus 0.03 x 10 15 from one year to another. This error is small enough to determine trends in midsummer and any variability in denoxification between midwinters. The technique also suggests a more sensitive method for determining N2O5 from zenith-sky NO2 data.


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Authors: Roscoe, H.K., Charlton, A.J., Fish, D.J., Hill, J.G.T.

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1 January, 2001
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer / 68
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