High frequency atmospheric gravity-wave properties using Fe-lidar and OH-imager observations

Simultaneous iron resonance lidar density profiles, OH intensity images and MF-radar wind measurements have been used to determine the horizontal and vertical components of high-frequency (<=∼1 hour) atmospheric gravity waves (AGW). Previous investigations predicted that AGW information from lidars and imagers could only be combined over a limited range. Here, a novel approach to increasing the utility of the simultaneous lidar and OH imager measurement are presented. By temporally high-pass filtering each altitude-bin of the lidar profiles, the vertical wavelengths of AGW typically observed with the OH imager become apparent. Measured OH imager horizontal wavelengths were converted into vertical wavelengths using the dispersion relationship and background winds, showing that the instruments were able to observe the same waves. Hence, the lidar-imager combination is able to access the intrinsic wave components to allow investigation of AGW propagation and an assessment of the chemical waves effects on minor species chemistry.


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Authors: Diettrich, J.C., Nott, G.J., Espy, P.J., Swenson, G.R., Chu, X., Taylor, M.J., Riggin, D.M., Fritts, D.C.

1 May, 2005
Geophysical Research Letters / 32
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