First Dynasonde observations of F-region plasma flow at Halley, Antarctica

Plasma flow vectors have been derived from data recorded by the Advanced Ionospheric Sounder (operating as a Dynasonde) at Halley, Antarctica (76°, 27°W). Single bulk flow vectors derived from the motion of echo reflection surfaces in the overhead F-region ionosphere are consistent both with plasma flow vectors, poleward of Halley, observed simultaneously by the PACE HF radar and also, for various levels of geomagnetic activity, with published mean plasma flow at the same invariant geomagnetic latitude (62°). The results demonstrate application of the method and lend support to existing evidence that the velocity measured by this kind of technique, at least for moderate to active geomagnetic activity at high latitudes, represents ionospheric plasma flow


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Authors: Jarvis, M.J.

1 November, 1995
Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics / 57
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