FIRST ANTARCTIC CLIMATE EVOLUTION SYMPOSIUM Workshop on Amundsen Sea Embayment: Tectonic and Climatic Evolution Programme and Abstracts

The Amundsen Sea Embayment is the most rapidly changing sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and contains enough ice to raise global sea level by 1.2 m. Over the past few years considerable efforts have been made to acquire new data to improve knowledge of the geological strucure, subglacial topography, continental shelf bathymetry and glacial history of this remote region. In this workshop we reviewed the current state of knowledge on the tectonic, climatic and glacial evolution of the Amundsen Sea Embayment. We also considered the influence of tectonic evolution on ice sheet history, through control of palaeotopography, heat flow, and effects of geological substrate on ice dynamics. The workshop focused on identifying remaining open questions and future research priorities.


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9 December, 2009
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