Evaluating the effectiveness of a large multi-use MPA in protecting Key Biodiversity Areas for marine predators

Marine protected areas can serve to regulate harvesting and conserve biodiversity. Within large multi‐use MPAs, it is often unclear to what degree critical sites of biodiversity are afforded protection against commercial activities. Addressing this issue is a prerequisite if we are to appropriately assess sites against conservation targets. We evaluated whether the management regime of a large MPA conserved sites (Key Biodiversity Areas, KBAs) supporting the global persistence of top marine predators.


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Authors: Handley, Jonathan M., Pearmain, Elizabeth J., Oppel, Steffen, Carneiro, Ana P. B., Hazin, Carolina, Phillips, Richard A., Ratcliffe, Norman ORCIDORCID record for Norman Ratcliffe, Staniland, Iain J. ORCIDORCID record for Iain J. Staniland, Clay, Thomas A., Hall, Jonathan, Scheffer, Annette, Fedak, Mike, Boehme, Lars, Pütz, Klemens, Belchier, Mark, Boyd, Ian L., Trathan, Phil N. ORCIDORCID record for Phil N. Trathan, Dias, Maria P., Santini, Luca

On this site: Iain Staniland, Mark Belchier, Norman Ratcliffe, Philip Trathan, Richard Phillips
1 June, 2020
Diversity and Distributions / 26
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