Environmental drivers of movement in a threatened seabird: insights from a mechanistic model and implications for conservation

Determining the drivers of movement of different life‐history stages is crucial for understanding age‐related changes in survival rates and, for marine top predators, the link between fisheries overlap and incidental mortality (bycatch), which is driving population declines in many taxa. Here, we combine individual tracking data and a movement model to investigate the environmental drivers and conservation implications of divergent movement patterns in juveniles (fledglings) and adults of a threatened seabird, the white‐chinned petrel (Procellaria aequinoctialis).


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Authors: Frankish, Caitlin K. ORCIDORCID record for Caitlin K. Frankish, Phillips, Richard A., Clay, Thomas A., Somveille, Marius, Manica, Andrea

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31 July, 2020
Diversity and Distributions / 26
15pp / 1315-1329
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