Emperor Penguins on Thin Sea Ice

Emperor penguins are tough birds that breed on sea ice, which is the frozen surface of the ocean. They are famous for walking across the sea ice, to and from the open ocean, to get food for their chicks. Their bodies and behaviors help them live in the cold, dark winters of Antarctica. However, though they live far away from people, human actions are not always good for emperor penguins. Humans are causing the world to warm. With warmer temperatures, sea ice around Antarctica will melt. For emperor penguins, this means their homes might disappear. We know so much about emperor penguins because scientists and explorers have been studying them for over 70 years. In this article, we will tell you about what is likely to happen to emperor penguins—and what their future can tell us about our own future.


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Authors: Jenouvrier, Stephanie, La Rue, Michelle, Trathan, Philip ORCIDORCID record for Philip Trathan, Barbraud, Christophe

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2 November, 2023
Frontiers for Young Minds / 11
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