Echiniscus corrugicaudatus (Heterotardigrada; Echiniscidae) a new species from Ellsworth Land, Antarctica

Echiniscus corrugicaudatus sp. nov., (Heterotardigrada; Echiniscidae) was found in the limited vegetation from the inland nunataks of Ellsworth Land, West Antarctica. The tardigrade fauna of this a rarely explored region shows limited overlap with the fauna from the maritime or coastal continental Antarctic. This species is placed within the Echiniscus "arctomys-group" based on the characteristic of, "a lack of body appendages other than cirrus A". It has less well-defined edges to the dorsal plates than other species within the group and distinct ridges on the caudal plate. Males were found in the population indicating gonochoristic reproduction, and a large number of juveniles suggesting an over-wintering strategy of eggs or a biennial population over-wintering as adults/sub-adults and eggs.


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1 January, 2010
Polar Biology / 33
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