Early last glacial intra-interstadial climate variability recorded in a Sardinian speleothem

Chemical and physical proxy data from a precisely dated early last glacial (∼113–110 ka, MIS5d) Sardinian stalagmite reveal a sub-millennial-scale, cool-dry climate event centered at 112.0 +0.52/-0.59 ka, followed by a rapid return to warm-wet conditions at 111.76 +0.43/-0.45 ka. Comparison with regional speleothem records and the palaeotemperature proxy record from the NGRIP ice core (Greenland) suggests that this event corresponds to Greenland Interstadial (GI) 25b and 25a, an intra-interstadial climate oscillation within GI-25, according to the recent Greenland stratigraphic framework. The speleothem age is in reasonable agreement (within 0.8 kyr) with that of the corresponding event in Greenland based on the GICC05modelext ice chronology but is older by about 3.7 kyr than the Greenland age based on the AICC2012 chronology.


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Authors: Columbu, Andrea, Drysdale, Russell, Capron, Emilie ORCIDORCID record for Emilie Capron, Woodhead, Jon, De Waele, Jo, Sanna, Laura, Hellstrom, John, Bajo, Petra

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1 August, 2017
Quaternary Science Reviews / 169
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