Digenean Trematoda infection of inshore fish at South Georgia

A sample of 111 fish of eight species caught in two fjords at South Georgia were examined for digenean trematode parasites. The alimentary tracts of all specimens were infected with digeneans. The dominant species was Elytrophalloides oatesi (Leiper & Atkinson) which was found in all fish, with a maximum number of 1961 specimens per fish. Other common species were; Macvicaria pennelli (Leiper & Atkinson), Lepidapedon garrardi (Leiper & Atkinson), Lecithaster macrocotyle Szidat & Graefe, Genolinea bowersi (Leiper & Atkinson) and Postmonorchis variabilis Prudhoe & Bray. Three further species, Neolebouria antarctica (Szidat & Graefe), Discoverytrema markowskii Gibson and Gonocerca phycidis Manter, were rare. Infection of the most commonly caught fish at South Georgia, Notothenia rossii Richardson, is compared with that of N. rossii at Admiralty Bay, South Shetland Islands. The species composition of common parasites was similar in both areas but conspicuous differences in the frequency of individual digenean species were found.


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Authors: Zdzitowiecki, Krzysztof, White, Martin G.

1 March, 1992
Antarctic Science / 4
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