Development of Antarctic herb tundra vegetation near Arctowski Station, King George Island

We studied the development of the Antarctic herb tundra vegetation formation in relation to the history of deglaciation across a range of habitats near H. Arctowski Research Station (King George Island, South Shetland Islands). Across the three identified environmental zones (coastal, intermediate, periglacial), we quantified the total vegetation cover, cover of the two indigenous flowering plants and bryophytes, age structure and reproductive features of the two flowering plants, and species diversity of mosses and liverworts. Analysis of these data supported the recognition of the three environmental zones; however, there were few indications of systematic differences in biological features of the two higher plants across the three zones, generally supporting the view that these, and the grass Deschampsia antarctica in particular, are effective primary colonists of recently deglaciated ground in this region.


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Authors: Kozeretska, I.A., Parnikoza, I.Yu., Mustafa, O., Tyschenko, O.V., Korsun, S.G., Convey, P. ORCIDORCID record for P. Convey

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1 January, 2010
Polar Science / 3
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