Development, dispersal and recruitment: A paradox for survival among Antarctic fish

At first sight, the life-history strategies adopted by Antarctic fish appear to be a paradox. The majority of fish species are demersal and inhabit the peri-Antarctic islands that are isolated, separated by deep ocean, and subject to the influence of strong currents of the West Wind Drift. In common with Antarctic benthic invertebrates, nearly all of the Antarctic fish have protracted early development but by contrast most Antarctic fish have retained a pelagic larval phase that extends over several months.


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Authors: White, Martin G.

Editors: di Prisco, Guido, Pisano, Eva, Clarke, Andrew

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1 January, 1998
In: di Prisco, Guido, Pisano, Eva, Clarke, Andrew (eds.). Fishes of Antarctica: a biological overview, Milan, Springer-Verlag, 53-62.
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