Demography and distribution of the Patagonian squid (Loligo gahi d’Orbigny) during the austral winter

A bottom-trawl survey of the Falklands Interim Conservation Zone was carried out during July and August 1988. Samples of Loligo gahi were collected from depths of 50–400 m and analysed for size composition, maturity, and stomach fullness. L. gahi increased in size and maturity with depths >100 m. Immature and fully mature squid were found at depths ≤100 m. The data support the hypothesis that this species spawns in shallow water and migrates down the continental shelf and continental slope after hatching. It then returns to shallow water to spawn. Highest concentrations of squid appeared to occur at depths and in areas where the commercial fishery operates. Samples were only taken during daylight hours, and stomach fullness was at its highest in the mid-afternoon. Several of the life history features resemble closely those of other loliginid species.


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Authors: Hatfield, E.M.C., Rodhouse, P.G., Porebski, J.

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1 January, 1990
ICES Journal of Marine Science / 46
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