Compilation of a new bathymetric dataset of South Georgia

We introduce a new bathymetric compilation of the area around South Georgia in the Southern Ocean. Using a variety of data sources including multi and single-beam swath bathymetry we have constructed a gridded bathymetric dataset of the shelf and near-shelf sea-floor areas. The grid has been constructed using a layered hierarchy dependent upon accuracy of each dataset. The spikes and errors have been checked both manually and with a novel semi-automated process. We discuss the resulting bathymetry and the potential uses of the new dataset


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Authors: Fretwell, P.T. ORCIDORCID record for P.T. Fretwell, Tate, Alex ORCIDORCID record for Alex Tate, Deen, Tara, Belchier, Mark

On this site: Alexander Tate, Mark Belchier, Peter Fretwell
1 January, 2009
Antarctic Science / 21
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