Cold resistance and overwintering survival of the cabbage root fly, Delia radicum (Anthomyiidae), and its parasitoid, Trybliographa rapae (Cynipidae), in England

Overwintering Delia radicum (L.) in a field of swedes (Brassica napus L.) near Ascot, Berks., England, were exposed to soil temperatures below 10°C on 176 days from 21 October 1983 to 22 April 1984, but no temperatures below 0°C were recorded. Collections of D. radicum taken at monthly intervals from 1 November 1983 to 30 April 1984 showed that parasitism by the cynipid Trybliographa rapae (Westw.) and by the staphylinid Aleochara bilineata Gyll. was the main source of mortality. A substantial increase in parasitism by A. bilineata occurred during November, but much of the increase was by superparasitism of pupae previously parasitized by T. rapae. Mortality from causes other than parasitism was greater in the November and December collections (c. 22%) and in the spring (c. 12%) than during the winter (c. 3%) and could not be attributed to low temperatures.


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Authors: Block, William, Turnock, W. J., Jones, T. H.

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1 February, 1987
Oecologia / 71
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