Cephalopods of the South Georgia slope

During January 2003 the bathymetric distribution of the cephalopod fauna of the South Georgia and Shag Rocks slope (100-900 m) was investigated using a commercial bottom trawl. Forty-four trawl stations caught 193 cephalopod specimens including six species of octopod and seven of squid. The benthic octopods Pareledone turqueti and Adelieledone polymorpha were abundant in shallow water at South Georgia, being replaced by Thaumeledone gunteri in greater depths. However, neither A. polymorpha nor T gunteri were caught on the adjacent Shag Rocks area. Two specimens of the deep-sea genus Graneledone were caught on the South Georgia slope. The most abundant squid species caught were Moroteuthis knipovitchi, Psychroteuthis glacialis and Slosarczykovia circumantarctica, which are primarily pelagic and may have been taken when their vertical migrations impinged on the slope.


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Authors: Collins, M.A., Allcock, A.L., Belchier, M.

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1 April, 2004
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom / 84
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