Calanoid copepods from South Georgia, with special reference to size dimorphism within the genus Pseudoboeckella

Three species of calanoid copepods, Boeckella michaelseni, Parabroteas sarsii and Pseudoboeckella poppei were recorded from 6 freshwater localities in the Husvik area, South Georgia. Of the latter species two distinct size morphs occurred, with no overlap in size even in closely situated populations. The large morph was recorded in lakes, the small was found in ponds. The small morph did not coexist with the large predatory P. sarsii, and we suggest predation pressure from this species as the major cause for the observed distribution of these morphs. The pronounced size segregation as well as small morphological dissimilarities suggest that these morphs are reproductively isolated. While the large morphotype corresponds to that of P. poppei, the taxonomic affinities of the small morph are uncertain.


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Authors: Hessen, Dag O., Sandoey, Steinar, Ottesen, Preben

1 October, 1989
Polar Biology / 10
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