British Antarctic Survey, 1976–77

Six main British Antarctic Survey stations were occupied throughout the year. Of these, Adelaide air base on Adelaide Island was closed down at the end of the summer, as it has been replaced by a new station, Rothera, 64 km to the north–east. A snow runway near the new site had been brought into useforthe 1975–76 summer by a party camping in the area, and a small hut built there later in the season was occupied by four men during the 1976 winter. In the 1976–77 summer a small hut and all moveable equipment and stores were transferred from Adelaide, and extensive new living quarters and a generator shed constructed with the help of summer visitors. There are now 13 men at the station, including several builders who are completingthe interior work. The original hut which provided temporary living accommodation for 15 men is now used as a store. A number of field stations were also occupied during the 1976–77 summer.


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Authors: Madden, C.M.

1 January, 1977
Polar Record / 18
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