Breeding distribution of the snow petrel Pagodroma nivea

The Snow Petrel Pagodroma nivea is endemic to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, with a circumpolar breeding distribution. A comprehensive review of both the published literature and unpublished records revealed that Snow Petrels have been reported breeding at 298 localities, all of which are mapped. Breeding has been confirmed at 195 of these localities, is probable at 38 and considered only possible at 57 localities. Reports of breeding, or suspected breeding, by Snow Petrels at a further eight localities were not confirmed by subsequent investigation. Estimates of breeding population are available for only 108 of these colonies, thus it is not possible to estimate the total breeding population of Snow Petrels. However, counts of birds at sea suggest that the species’ population must be in the order of several millions. Additional relevant data from Snow Petrel breeding localities should be forwarded to the SCAR Bird Biology Subcommittee to enable this initial database to be updated.


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Authors: Croxall, J.P., Steele, W.K., McInnes, S.J. ORCIDORCID record for S.J. McInnes, Prince, P.A.

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1 January, 1995
Marine Ornithology / 23