Biogeographic survey of soil bacterial communities across Antarctica

Antarctica and its unique biodiversity are increasingly at risk from the effects of global climate change and other human influences. A significant recent element underpinning strategies for Antarctic conservation has been the development of a system of Antarctic Conservation Biogeographic Regions (ACBRs). The datasets supporting this classification are, however, dominated by eukaryotic taxa, with contributions from the bacterial domain restricted to Actinomycetota and Cyanobacteriota. Nevertheless, the ice-free areas of the Antarctic continent and the sub-Antarctic islands are dominated in terms of diversity by bacteria. Our study aims to generate a comprehensive phylogenetic dataset of Antarctic bacteria with wide geographical coverage on the continent and sub-Antarctic islands, to investigate whether bacterial diversity and distribution is reflected in the current ACBRs.


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Authors: Varliero, Gilda, Lebre, Pedro H., Adams, Byron, Chown, Steven L., Convey, Peter ORCIDORCID record for Peter Convey, Dennis, Paul G., Fan, Dandan, Ferrari, Belinda, Frey, Beat, Hogg, Ian D., Hopkins, David W., Kong, Weidong, Makhalanyane, Thulani, Matcher, Gwyneth, Newsham, Kevin K. ORCIDORCID record for Kevin K. Newsham, Stevens, Mark I., Weigh, Katherine V., Cowan, Don A.

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12 January, 2024
Microbiome / 12
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