Aurora in the Polar Cap: A Review

This paper reviews our current understanding of auroral features that appear poleward of the main auroral oval within the polar cap, especially those that are known as Sun-aligned arcs, transpolar arcs, or theta auroras. They tend to appear predominantly during periods of quiet geomagnetic activity or northwards directed interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). We also introduce polar rain aurora which has been considered as a phenomenon on open field lines. We describe the morphology of such auroras, their development and dynamics in response to solar wind-magnetosphere coupling processes, and the models that have been developed to explain them.


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Authors: Hosokawa, Keisuke, Kullen, Anita, Milan, Steve, Reidy, Jade ORCIDORCID record for Jade Reidy, Zou, Ying, Frey, Harald U., Maggiolo, Romain, Fear, Robert

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5 February, 2020
Space Science Reviews / 216
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